Acri Dues Payment Information



Submit payments online. You can choose to make a one time or set up recurring payments. Before starting this process, you will need to know the Management ID, Association ID, and account number. Below is an example of where to find this information on your payment coupon.
ACRI Association-Payment Coupon
Your property account number is 1480-XXX-CU (Replace the XXX with your house number)

To Set Up recurring or a one-time payment using Mutual Pay: Click Here

      1. Choose SIGN UP
      2. Pick the PROPERTY ID Option
      3. Enter The Acri MANAGEMENT NUMBER – 8034
      4. Enter Your ASSOCIATION ID NUMBER – 1480
      5. Enter the PROPERTY/ACCOUNT NUMBER which is your address 1480-XXX-CU (Replace the XXX with your house number)
      6. You will then create a username and password. After you create the login credentials you will be logged out and will need to log in using the login credentials you created. Once you log in you can enter your payment choices.
      7. Select the payment method and enter the appropriate data. Credit/Debit Card checking will incur a processing fee. E-check payments are free of charge

    See the Video Below


2. PERSONAL ONLINE BANKING: With this option, you instruct your bank to send the payment to the following address with your Association Account Number
Example: 1480-XXX-CU (Replace the XXX with your house number) There is no convenience fee for this option.

Your Homeowner Association Name ”
c/o Acri Commercial Realty, Inc.
P.O. Box 60935
Phoenix, AZ 85082


3. ACRI PAYMENT PROGRAM (For those of you who do not wish to use the Mutual Pay method): With this option, you provide Acri Commercial Realty with your Routing and Account Number and Acri Commercial Realty Inc., we will initiate the payment on or around the 6th of each month. There is no convenience fee for this option.

a. Mail-in Payment Form: Click here to download the mail-in direct debit form. Please submit this form to Acri Commercial Realty, Inc. for processing. You need to attach a check marked “VOID”.

4. COUPON BOOKS: A coupon booklet will be sent at the beginning of the year. Since the process of collecting payment is completely automated, all check payments must be accompanied by a coupon to ensure payment is applied correctly to your account. Please allow 3-5 business days to process.


Please contact Mary Delenko at 412-459-0111 x104 or email mary.delenko@acrirlty.com if you have any questions regarding the different payment options available.